New illustration is up! The story behind it is about a dragon slayer who cannot defeat this particular dragon who thinks he just wants to play. The dragon always shows up every morning, anxious to start “playing” again =)

Behold the mighty samurai kiwi!

O poderoso kiwi samurai!

A commission I did for a sex shop here in Brazil. Hope you dig it!

Um freela que fiz para um sex shop. Espero que curtam!

I decided to write this post to tell people a bit more about Fireworks and what you can do with it. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as I will not delve too deep into the technical stuff

First off, Adobe decided to can Fireworks. You might be wondering “WHAT? If the days of Fireworking are counted, why bother reading this?”

Well, the thing is people might not know that there’s a rather big community who use it stenuously, it’s not just a niche. That said, such a community will not go ignored for long, someone will come up with a solution to pick up where Adobe left off. (Perhaps Adobe themselves might surprise us eventually, who knows?)

Anyway, there’s still time for the community to familiarize with another solution until Fireworks is due, as Adobe stated they will continue to support it in upcoming operating systems.

Now, that famous Mac-PC dialog comes to mind:
“-Hi, I’m a Photoshopper -And I’m a Fireworker”. I’ve heard that for over 10 years, ever since both softwares were owned by competing companies – Macromedia and Adobe. It was natural that both were meant to compete with each other but, since the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe things changed a bit. Some feared Fireworks would soon be discontinued (including myself). But even then, the niche was far too significant to be ignored and the Fireworker-Photoshopper dispute started to diminish, as Fireworks was embedded by Adobe into the production pipeline for designing applications

A Coke bottle I did with Fireworks alone

Albeit similar, both softwares serve different purposes. Photoshop is heavily art-related while Fireworks focuses on production. Fireworks is a bit limited compared to Photoshop when it comes to drawing, painting or creating elaborate graphics. Fireworks power shines when you have to create screen mockups and prototypes for testing and pitching solutions to clients, you can go as far as having stakeholders experience the application as it will be after it is developed.

These guys even created TAP, a php-javascript framework to use with Fireworks to build prototypes for the iOS that can fool anyone into thinking they are using the actual application (with transitions, timers and so on), you just have to have a place to host your files and follow the instructions on their site. Or you might do just fine if you just go on and create an HTML prototype from within Fireworks as it does that too.


Another sample of vector art done with Fireworks

Another thing that I find good in Fireworks is the way it handles graphics. The output is rasterized, just like Photoshop, but editable like in Illustrator. Vector data is always stored (unless you flatten your image, of course). Also, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of organizing layers, you might as well work with it without even glancing at the layers panel (I hardly ever use it, just when I need to lock something).


There’s also the Pages feature, where you create your page mockups or wireframes and link them together to export into interactive html files. Yeah, that’s technical stuff, wireframes, prototypes usability etc etc. Feeling artsy? Fireworks does that too, pixel-perfect graphics, icons and interfaces are no trouble for it – just don’t expect to do something fancy like combining thousands of brushes and effects as Photoshop does – but as far as designing applications, it does that incredibly well. Why, I even use it to create vector illustrations I have here on my blog.

The only downside of Fireworks I’ve always experienced is performance. It is a bit sluggish on PCs, you have to close it after a few hours of use (fortunately, the PC I use at work is a tough one, I only reopen it every two or three days), it runs much better on a Mac, it has something to do with the way it deals with memory or something.

I hope this post got you interested into trying Fireworks, even if you are a Photoshop user. If your screen designs are spread into countless PSD files or hidden layers, just put them into Fireworks and see how easier it is to organize your thoughts and create better user experiences.

Later =)

This one I did for a contest held by Wacom in which you had to come up with a hero design, so here’s Blog. A fearsome monster turned hero in order to get gum drops as a reward for completing quests

Este eu fiz para um concurso da Wacom onde o objetivo era fazer um herói. Segue o Blob! Um temido monstro que decidiu se transformar em herói para ganhar balas de goma como recompensa por cumprir missões

Ok, so here’s my contribution to this amazing movie!

Ok, segue aqui minha contribuição para este excelente filme!

What a trippy movie that was, whoa! Here’s my contribution to the flick. Also, I added a little chameleon there for obvious reasons (or are they?)

Que filme viajado! Segue minha contribuição para a película. Também adicionei um camaleãozinho por motivos óbvios (ou não)

Gotta love the show! So I just had to go for a fan art eventually. So here it is. Vectors everywhere, done in Fireworks

Adoro a série, então óbvio que teria que fazer uma fan arte um dia. Dá só uma olhada, vetor pra todo lado! Feito no Fireworks

Vector art. Mario is having a snack break

Arte vetorial. Mario dando um tempo pra fazer um lanchinho