My process when creating an experience usually follow these steps:

1. Early concept (sketches, wireframing and, flows and low-level prototypes)

2. Key art (art direction, characters, art assets)

3. Interactions (final art for aditional screens, including sample animations and high-fidelity prototypes)

4. Documentation (game/app design documenting rules, interactions and level design)

5. Supporting developers and UI programmers


Affinity Designer

Adobe Fireworks


Adobe Animate (Flash)

The always trusty pencil and paper


"The stylus is mightier than the sword"

Danilo Fiocco is an artist who is passionate for games and strives to take part in the whole process of creating experiences from concept to finish,

He has woked for over 15 years with art direction, design and UX in a myriad of digital experiences ranging from digital ads through to mobile apps, games and virtual reality experiences.

He doesn't always talk about himself in the third person :-)


LIGA - Senior Artist

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi - UI Artist

Smyowl - Art Director

CI&T - UI/UX Designer

TV TEM - Art Director/Manager

Africa Propaganda - Flash Artist

You can also find me on Instagram,

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